Tradition is not always the best excuse!

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I have found that there have been many times in my past and present that I use the excuse of “tradition” to dictate my daily life.  This is something that I am desperately trying to change while entering in to my life of positive attraction.

Have you found yourself using this excuse?  It can be over the simplest thing, to the more complex things in our life.  Here are some of my examples that I have used.

Food:  This is such a simple thing but we as humans tend to get into a “rut” and we don’t feel empowered to change our food situation until it is apparent that our current situation may be actually killing us.  For me it was simple things like, garlic bead with pasta.  Think about it…you have carbohydrates in the pasta, and if it is white pasts than that is the only essential nutrient it has besides fat.  Then we have the sauce and we fill like we “have” to have bread to soak up the extra sauce.  Garlic bread or just buttered bread, it is 90% of the time white starchy, not good for you carbohydrates.  In this meal you probably eat your daily calories. I mean that, typically this ONE meal can literally equal your entire day of calories and we eat it, late in the day, and sit on the couch and let it turn into fat afterward. 

So why did I always, in the past, make bread with pasta?  Well, no good excuse at all except for…tradition!  I always did this so in my mind that is just what you did.  I don’t do this anymore.  I don’t even buy white bread anymore.  My kids only get white bread when they go to someone else’s house that has it and my daughter does not even like to eat it.  I have not got my kids used to eating bread with pasta, so hopefully they will not fall into this rut.

This may seem silly to post on this blog, and maybe a better fit for my weight loss blog, but I so totally see the fit here. Why?  Well, as humans our whole life becomes a rut sometimes and it is so hard to get ourselves into new and improved “traditions.”

Daily life:  This is a big one too.  I have found myself saying “well this is what I always do.”  It did not even really matter if I wanted to change, it was just what happened every day.  “This is just my personality, this is what I have done since as long as I can remember.”  All to familiar sayings for me and I hear them from others all the time.

Why is it that we feel like we should be in these ruts?  It is like being “tapped” in a job or a way of life.  We can’t see a way to get out and when and if we do finally see one we talk ourselves out of it out of pure FEAR!  Why are we fearful to better ourselves?  Why do we have to feel like we don’t deserve things and we HAVE to be content in our current negative situation.

My challenge to you, as I am taking the challenge myself, is to quit saying “tradition” and say “I deserve to change for the better!” Our kids will learn from us and how we are.  If we cannot face life head on and make our own decisions and change them up when they need to be, and be open minded enough to do it, then we can’t expect our kids to stand on their own two feet either.  I want my kids to see life as a huge opportunity for success and that they are able to control their destiny!  My personal feeling is that this starts, today, at home, with their role models.  For my kids this is me!

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2 Responses to Tradition is not always the best excuse!

  1. KentuckyGal says:

    Thanks for visiting me at Back Porchervations. Visited and followed your 3 blogs, liked your blog on FB and subscribing. "O)

    I am like a queen of life ruts, so will be following your journey with interest.

  2. Coupon Queen says:

    This is a great point and brought up a funny story I remember about my great aunt. At holidays she always cut the end off of the roast before she put it in the pan. Her daughter asked her why she did that and she didn't know why, her mom always did it, so she asked her why and her mom said that Great Grandma did it so the ladys all went to ask her why and she chuckled and said it was because the roast never fit into her pan. Just shows how ingrained "tradition" can become. I hope you have had a great weekend.

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