Ugh…should have bought Jenga!

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Jenga Classic GameThere are a lot of times where buying off brands is fine. I actually do this quite a bit to save some cash. Every once in a while it bites you in the butt and this Christmas it did.

My family is into watching the Family Game night show and my kids wanted those games that they played for Christmas.  I went on a venture for games that were not terribly expensive.

We got

I got name brand on all of them except the Jenga. I bought something called Jumbling Tower and BOY was that a MISTAKE.

I was in such a hurry I did not pay attention to the details on the picture of the tin it came in. If I would have looked closer I would have bought the actual Jenga game that was only $4 more.

What’s the problem? The pieces don’t line up square. It makes it take a lot longer to set up and for me it played weird. It was harder to find loose pieces, so the game did not last long at all. I also think because of how light the pieces are, when compared to jenga, that may have had an effect on it too. They are real light in comparison. So here is what happens if you try to set it up fast without the space between each piece as the picture on the tin shoes. Jenga imaitation stupid buyYa not so pretty right?

So my kids lost a couple pieces before I actually got my hands on it to try a game. I was upset at them well, until I played the game. Then it didn’t matter because I threw it away today and went and bought the actual Jenga game.

Live an learn. Oh well. It least it was only about $7 I lost on this purchase. It could have been a lot worse I guess.

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22 thoughts on “Ugh…should have bought Jenga!

  1. I didn’t even know they made generic games! My husband would kill me if I bought that, haha- he thinks EVERYTHING needs to be name brand! I, however, disagree!

  2. Dont feel bad about it. Happens to the best of us when we try to save a little money. Jenga is a fun game!

  3. I am fussy about toys…I will buy generic store label food, clothes from Goodwill, etc….but I will not buy toys if they are not name brand. I just don’t think they last as long.

  4. Is it bad that I have only played my Jenga once in the whole time that I have had it…LOL

  5. That stinks! I would have never thought it would be so bad but the proof is in the picture!

  6. What a bummer! I used to play this a lot with my friends but I haven’t played in years.

  7. As soon as I read the title of this entry I immediately thought of the jumbling tower set I bought at walmart. Isn’t it so freaking terrible?? And not only do the pieces not lie square but you know how they are also pretty rough and they don’t slide against each other that easily so it makes it super hard? It is the worst. I seriously wished I just spend the extra few dollars to get actual jenga.

  8. That picture is ridiculous! How could they actually sell that crap? They don’t even line up at all. That is sad, but I guess a learning moment for you…and now for us! Thank you!

  9. there are just certain things everyone should stick to name brands on! and i try to do that with games/electronics/etc because somehow, like you figured out, it makes all the difference.. at least this off brand game wasn’t too terribly expensive!

  10. My son got the Jenga game w/dynamite on the bottom for Christmas. I like the original one better, but he sure liked the new one. 🙂

    • I saw that one and wondered if we would like it or not. But went with the original:)

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