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UntitledI have been running giveaways for a while now and for those that enter it is easy and that is good. If you want a lot of people entering then easy entries is the key.

What is not easy is picking the winners. It may sound easy, but to do it right there is a lot of work involved in first picking the winner, verifying their entry, and then waiting for them to claim the entry.

So this last giveaway for the Parasite Solutions from was not as hard to pick a winner(s). At first we were only to have one but we have actually chose to giveaway 2 bottles. So did you enter the giveaway and better yet, did you win? Well, check your e-mail or read below to find out…

I don’t always set up mandatory entries but since it takes so long to verify entries I decided to do one easy mandatory entry. It was to leave a blog post comment on the entry post…that’s it. I had a lot of people enter but only 2 people actually left the comment. Others clicked the rafflecopter saying they did, but there were no other comments.

So to say thanks to the ones that made it easy to verify the mandatory entries, by actually leaving a comment, I decided to contact A-Z Nutrients and ask if I could give both commenter’s a prize. Absolutely! So Megan and Regina…you just got e-mailed from me. You are both winning a Parasite solutions from A-Z Nutrients. Whihoo!

So I will team up with A-ZNutrients again in the future and we will give away another awesome prize! Thanks to all who entered and thanks to Regina and Megan our two winners!

Have a great day!

parastieHere is a little more about the prize parasite solutions!

“An excellent parasite-cleansing liquid that contains the purging powers of Black Walnut Hulls, Wormwood, Cloves, Garlic, and other potent cleansing herbs. A purging of parasites can increase energy levels and overall health.”

Click the image and it will take you to the web site where you can see the ingredients:)

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  1. Regina says:

    THANKS so much!! I really appreciate this!

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