100 Letters DONE and WAY MORE than I anticipated!

I hope you will share!

UntitledAll I can say is WHEW and WOW! I did not really realize how hard it would be to write 100 letters in 365 days. It may not sound like a lot to some but it really is…but sooooo worth it.

If you are new here or just don’t know what I am talking about you can read my first post about it here. For my list of the 100 recipients (well today I even added 2 more so am at 102) you can view that here.

Here is how the journey went.

It took me just a few days to come up with my list of recipients. This was actually VERY easy to do. I am 42-years old and finding 100 people that have influenced me positively, in my life…well…easy. There are probably 100 more that deserve letters. One day they will get them too, but the first goal is completed.

Was it difficult to write the letters?

Not really. The only ting that was really difficult was finding addresses for people. Some people never e-mailed me back their address so I would have to white pages them or Google. I only had to send 3 via e-mail out of 102 so that was pretty good.

Writing to someone that deserves to hear how great they are is easy. The only difficult part about that was that I really had to feel inspired to write to someone. Some days I would WANT to force that inspiration and it never worked. I never wanted to give anyone a half-ass letter. I would just scroll through the list and when someone jumped out I wrote to them. Now there were probably 20-30 times someones name would pop into my head at random. That made the decision easy. The only thing is that I had to sit down and write to them at almost that minute or the inspiration would leave.

Did I get replies from everyone?

No I did not and I did not expect them. In fact I included in the first paragraph of the letter that it was not expected. I did receive replies from just over half, so maybe 2/3. That is a pretty cool number. I have to tell you that getting the replies was the most rewarding part though. To hear how you made someones day or year…priceless. I know this may sound weird too, but if someone told me they cried I would pat myself on the back…mission complete! A good cry is awesome!

Will I continue this?

Yes I will. I am not going to try for 100 letters in 365 days again but I will spend more energy appreciating people then un-appreciating people. My new life rule…out with the bad, in with the good…period!

So it has made it super easy to weed out negativity in my life. If you feel positive then you receive positive and ATTRACT positive. I have been struggling to learn this and it has become more apparent that this is the way of life…period!

This journey has been awesome! I have the last few letters to write but the envelopes are addressed and stamped. I predict to have the 102nd letter in the mail by 12/24/2013!

Have a wonderfully happy day!

Oh and if you are my friend and did not receive a letter…don’t fret, you just may get one someday!

I would love you to share this post. I think it would be totally awesome to inspire others to do this journey too. The more you share the more likely someone will do it. That can’t hurt right?


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I LUV Sharing!

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