1800 Postcards update, not good!

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Holy cow, remember when I updated my post about y card being charged $121.50 on an order I only okayed $33? I updated saying they refunded me and that is so not rue, I updated again, I am so mad! Here is my update which is also now in my original post!

UPDATE AGAIN: It is now 8-19-12 It was my bank that gave me a temporary refund…not 1800postacards, I just found out yesterday. I had to go into the bank and fill out paperwork etc. I had to dispute it, it has been about 9 days and they still have NOT refunded me…what are they thinking? So I take back anything positive I have said about this situation, I am still in dispute…are you kidding me?!!!!!!!! I have e-mailed the company again, and it was not the nicest e-mail I will admit, I am so mad. I even asked for my shipping costs refunded this time as the bank screwed up and gave me that $33 too so I told the bank that was shipping and the only charge that was legit, so they will take that back probably sooner then later. But I believe that with all the effort I have put into getting this refund that now they should, at the least, refund my shipping on top of the $121.50 charge…don’t you think? Really, I should get more but will be happy with my stinking money!

Again, if I charge someone else’s card without permission I would GO TO JAIL!!! What the heck are they thinking! What kind of customer services is this????

To read the whole story visit my original post here

This is a bunch of crap!

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5 Responses to 1800 Postcards update, not good!

  1. I thought I had left a comment on this post…. Hmmmmm I am going crazy.

    That sure is NOT anything resembling customer service as far as I am concerned. Hope you get this straightened out soon

  2. Tawna,
    Have you contacted the Better Business Bureau? Many years ago, I had a business do me wrong and they got my money back for me. Not sure who you would contact though for this.

  3. Carrie says:

    Wow, what a nightmare. I’m going to share your post so others can know about this company.

  4. Jill A. Collins says:

    You really need to have a lawyer send them a letter for you. Sometimes just seeing that letterhead gets their attention quicker than anything. It might cost you a little bit, but certainly not as much as you are out now and you can even ask for your lawyer fees if you want.
    Another technique I’ve used that works is to get someone at the company on the phone – anyone- and keep going up the chain of command. Keep asking for supervisors, get names and write them down and don’t hang up the phone til you get what you want. I did this with Walmart one time and got up to one of the vice presidents in the home office. Also had to do this with a local hospital over a bill. Both times it took hours of phone time, but I got exactly what I wanted. I think they knew I just wasn’t going to go away until I had it and it was just easier to give me what I wanted (which was totally fair – nothing inflated or more than I deserved) rather than continue to waste time and personnel resources on one person’s issue. If you make it where it costs them more in time and money than the original product to deal with you, you generally get what you should have gotten in the first place.

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