I hope you will share!

There are so many times I am randomly stuck with the phrase in my head WT…and I had a thought. So I was thinking. I need to jot down these little one liners, phrases or just plane shocking things and made a Friday blog post called WTFriday.

Then I thought further…why not let anyone post a WTFriday post. So this is my invitation to all my fellow bloggers and friends. E-mail me via my contact tab any WTFriday line, post, thoughts, whatever. as long as I approve it, meaning not too offensive and spam, it will go up on a WTFriday post. I will even link back to your blog or Facebook or any social media you choose. Sound good? Let’s get some of those posts starting today. Share with other friends and let’s start a fun and entertaining Friday tradition!

Here is my first WTFriday post…

Anytime I see a small child with a rat tale or mullet I wonder what are those parents thinking?! It is not 1980 anymore…geez! WTFriday!

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I LUV Sharing!

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  1. Good one!! If I think of anything, I will email you

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