Both my kids potty trained by 2 1/2!

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MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

I have a boy and a girl and I have heard horror stories about potty training boys. I have been told for years that boys are harder and may not be potty trained til Kindergarten. With two kids the last thing I wanted to do was buy diapers for the second child for up to 5-years and I was grasping at straws to potty train him after his second birthday. I know that kids will train when they are ready but I also know and have witnessed some kids, who are ready, not be trained, because the parents were not wanting to put forth the effort. I actually had good luck with my strategy for both kids.

My daughter was fully trained, including at bed, by the time she was 2 and 3-months old. She was soooo easy! I just let her go to the bathroom with me and the diapers were thrown away and not available for her after the first handful of times she went to the potty. I actually tried to put night time pull ups on her for a bit longer but she wanted nothing to do with them. All-in-all she wet the bed 2-times since she was trained. I then threw the pull ups away…well actually gave them to my neighbor and since there was no option, she was done. Who cares if I had to wash sheets a couple times. I kept the water liner on her bed until she was three and she had no idea, so it did not ruin the mattress.

My son did take a it longer. I have to admit that I jumped the gun with him as soon as he turned 2-years old and it blew up in my face but I am happy to say that I had him trained by 2 1/2-years-old.

The first time I tried to train he was not having it. He was just about 1 month over 2-years old and it was not a good situation. But I did not give up. I didin’t want to traumatize him so I let him keep the pull ups and I left the potty out, wherever we were 24/7 so he could see it. I would bribe him with suckers and stickers just to sit on it, with pants on. He learned to use it as his seat to watch TV etc.

I also let him come into the bathroom with me and asked him to sit on the potty while I did. Even though he was a boy, my husband was weird about having him watch him pee so I figured I would just teach him to sit down. About 2 and 4-months he asked to sit on the potty without his pull up. Of course I let him. He did not pee for a couple weeks but after a couple weeks he did poop!

This was kind of backwards but he was actually more comfortable pooping in the potty then he was peeing. I always heard the opposite, but I was going to take what I could get.

I made such a HUGE deal of him going potty. I never gave candy once he started using the potty regularily, because I don’t like to reward with food, most of the time. I bought a huge book of stickers with firetrucks, cars etc. He got a sticker every time he used the potty.

After a couple weeks of going poop he decided he would pee too. He would pee half-and-half, which hay…progress!

By the time my son was 2 1/2-years old he was 100% trained. I even carried that potty in the back of the van and when he had to go we pulled over and he went in the back. I carried garbage bags with me and I dealt with the mess when I got home…it was worth it.

So even though he was a bit harder, I did not give up and we did it.

As soon as he was going potty all day long for a few days I threw the diapers away. I kept night time pull ups on him for about 2-months and then we got rid of those and used a water resistant bed liner. He peed more then my daughter but we just didn’t make it a big deal…he hated the wet, and learned fast he had to get up.

So that is my success stories for both my kids.

Hope it helps someone! Have a great day!

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