Domain Registraton…Beware Before You Renew!

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domain mailingIf you have any kind of website at all you have to renew the domain yearly. If you have a hosting service then you can do this right through the hosting service. I actually bought my domains for between $9.99-$13.99 per year through my hosting service.

The auto renew as well, if I choose them to do so for the same price I bought them for, so right now I pay about $13.99 per year for my domain and about $85 a year for my hosting service. I get unlimited domains with my hosting service and probably have 30-domains so it costs me about $5-$6 a year per domain to host.

What is the reason for this post…well, glad you asked…lol. It is about all the “Crap” “Spam” mailing I get and it makes me mad! So I got this letter in the mail last year.

It’s from the Domain Registry of America. Now I have no idea if this company is even legit as I have and never will use them, but I think the wording this this letter is absolutely ridiculous. I can see how people would use their service as it makes you think you “have” to uses their service to keep their domain and that is false! Sorry for the blurry picture…I was using my cell phone and it was the best I could get, close up.

It says  something along the lines that if I don’t renew my domain by the deadline then I may lose it and my rights to it…duh! it also suggests that pay them as low as $35 a year and as much as $120 for 5-years. They want me to switch to them and if you click on my image and read the writing it is worded in kind of a way that someone might believe that this is the only way to keep their domain current.

So if I believe them then I am spending at minimum $24 per domain, if I do it for 5-years so up front that is $120. If I do yearly I am paying $35, which is 2.5 times what I am paying now for my one domain.

Now with my hosting service, since 2009, I have had not hidden fees and I get all the same perks as buying my domain with this Domain Registry of America. Now I am all for free speech and letting companies advertise but the wording in this letter should not be allowed. It should not make me think that I am going to lose everything unless I go through them. it should simply state what they do and offer me a chance to move towards them. Also, are they kidding me with the price? Like I don’t know how much cheaper I get my domains…I bought them in the first place…why would i spend 2.5 times more!

Anyway, just wanted to share this. Be careful and read all your mailings carefully before you make any decision!

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