Connection Between Exercise & Cancer

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I am very excited to share my second guest post. This post is a little different but I am in agreeance with it’s message so I wanted to share it with my readers. Knowing the correlation of exercise for cancer is definitely, in my opinion, very important as I feel that not many know that the connection exits. Thanks for reading! Here it is!

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The Connection Between Fitness and Cancer is Stronger Than You Think!

In the past, researchers thought that exercise affected cancer rates solely by fighting obesity. However, recent studies have shown that the connection goes deeper. Those who view exercise as a part of their lives are at a lower risk of developing cancer, and those who have been diagnosed with cancer can improve their odds of success by exercising regularly. The exact mechanisms behind these connections are not fully known, but there are some well-supported theories. Here are some of the ways that fitness helps those who are fighting cancer.

Develop an Efficient Body

Those who exercise regularly increased cardiovascular function and lower rates of obesity. In addition, they often have higher levels of endurance and can sustain activities for longer periods of time. Because of this, their bodies are more efficient than those who do not exercise regularly. Fighting cancer is demanding on the body, and those who have higher levels of endurance will be better able to fight as effectively as possible. Regular physical activity also builds muscle and bone strength, which can be essential for those going through treatment. Cancer treatments can deteriorate the body and leave patients feeling fatigued, exercise is a great way to combat that.

Feel Better

Whether a patient is diagnosed with mesothelioma, breast cancer, prostate cancer or other forms of cancer, mental health plays a major role in their outcomes. The exact reason for the connection between mental health and cancer outcomes is unknown, but studies have consistently shown a strong effect. Exercise has been linked to better levels of mental health in countless studies, and those who exercise regularly will be more likely to have the mental stamina needed to fight as well as possible. Exercise induces the release of endorphins throughout the body, which have mood-enhancing effects and can help patients combat feelings of depression and anxiety often associated with the disease. In addition, feeling better mentally can give patients the motivation they need to take other steps to help fight against cancer.

Faster Recovery

Cancer treatments are grueling, and those who undergo them will need to take time to recover. However, those who are in great shape before starting treatment will likely be able to recover faster than those who were not, and those who begin trying to exercise as quickly as possible will have quicker recoveries than those who do not exercise. Faster recovery has been linked to lower rates of cancer recurrence, those who wish to avoid the demands of future cancer treatments want to view exercise as a valuable tool in avoiding cancer in the coming years.

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