Facebook or die? NOT I!!

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MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

When Facebook came out I honestly did not understand the reason for it but as I got into it I learned to like the features. The biggest thing was that I was able to reconnect with tons of people in my life, especially form the past. I grew up in Canada and Utah until 2001 so it really got me connected with a lot of old friends and long distance family. However, in the past few years I have come to a point of not loving it anymore. I think that people depend on it too much. It is rather frustrating, as for some, it is the only way they communicate and that is a “downer” for me.

I do like to see the occasional photo or status update but when it becomes the ONLY form of communication I want to punch the computer screen, right in the middle of the monitor.

I will talk to some people and they will say “well I posted it to Facebook, didin’t you see it? OK so I have over 800 friends on my facebook and yes I know them all. If it’s not on my home page, the the answer is NO I did not see it on your facebook. I have little time to spend browsing facebook and I am not going to visit over 800 profiles a day.

I try to call or send e-mails to friends. They don’t answer but I see them on-line on Facebook. In fact, I have a handful of friends that will nto respond to e-mail anymore, only to Facebook messages…really?!!

This whole facebook thing is just like texting to me. When we got texting people quit answering their phones, even if they can answer. They would rather text. Now it’s Facebook or die…if you don’t talk to me on facebook and keep up on my life that way then you are pretty much screwed…

This is not how I want to have relationships. I like the computer, but when it turns into the sole form of contact I hate it.

When I ask someone to send me a picture, I don’t want it posted to facebook…I want a printed copy or an e-mail of it. Maybe I don’t want it on facebook. Maybe I just want me, myself, and I to have it.

So this is my vent. I like Facebook for what it is but please, if you are actually friends with me then let’s talk on the phone or in person and can we please share pictures off of facebook?

With all the privacy rules changing all the time on Facebook I really feel even more uncomfortable posting my family pictures on there. I have deleted 100’s of pictures I used to have on Facebook and will probably delete more. I think I am taking my kids pictures off totally and untagging friends that post my kids pictures on their photos. It is just not safe, even if you choose privacy to friends only. As we have seen in the last few months, the public is seeing these pictures unless we keep going into Facebook and changing our settings. Ridiculous!

Anyway, happy Facebooking if you are into that!



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One Response to Facebook or die? NOT I!!

  1. Fee (Phyllis) Roberts says:

    I agree. Communication has become so impersonal. It’s a shame. My daughter does that to me. I’ll call and say “I haven’t seen you in about a week what’s going on?” and she says, “Well Mom I posted on facebook!” I’m like you, I want to hear my children’s voices. I want to hear the emotions when they talk to me. It’s a shame, and you’re right about the settings. Every single photo that you might add is published public unless you go to each one and change it. It should be the other way around but facebook doesn’t care about our feelings or privacy, they are in it for the money, which I can understand to a point but at least give me the choice to go public instead if making that choice for me.

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