Is Social Media sending you Negative Karma?


I love social media, to a point. When Facebook first become popular it was so cool and fun to find people you haven’t seen in years and share your life with them. However, in my opinion, social media, Facebook especially is turning to a negative battle field and I hate it! Actually it may even be a better to title this blog post…”Facebook for Bullies!”

It is nice that everyone has different opinions. If we all had the same opinions and views then this world would be boring and we would not develop new views, ideas, and even technology as we do. That is the nice thing about America, is we get to have our own opinion. However Facebook and other social media has turned into a Continue reading

Facebook or die? NOT I!!

MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

When Facebook came out I honestly did not understand the reason for it but as I got into it I learned to like the features. The biggest thing was that I was able to reconnect with tons of people in my life, especially form the past. I grew up in Canada and Utah until 2001 so it really got me connected with a lot of old friends and long distance family. However, in the past few years I have come to a point of not loving it anymore. I think that people depend on it too much. It is rather frustrating, as for some, it is the only way they communicate and that is a “downer” for me. Continue reading

Twitter, Klout, Alexa ect…worth it?

There are so many ways to raise your social media following, or so it seems. I have been wondering for awhile if all these platforms are really worth it and to tell you the truth, not finding it so.

I have don’e a post in the past about Blogging groups and you can see how they help or not help here. Now I am wondering if having account with Twitter and Klout are even worth my time. Continue reading

RU sending out spam links on twitter & e-mail?

Have you noticed that there are more and more spam links being sent out in your twitter and e-mail accounts lately?

I had an old e-mail account get hacked that I have not used in years and kind of forgot about and my twitter account hacked that I used daily.

If you are worried that your e-mail or twitter accounts or other social media accounts are gong to be hacked, there is an easy way to protect yourself. Continue reading

Does posting blogs to social media really help increase traffic?

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I have been wondering for a few years now if linking all my blog posts through my other social media accounts is really worth while and increases my page rank.

Sites I would post to, every time I wrote a new post were: bloggymoms, mombloggersclub, blogger?? I forget the name now, Facebook profile and page, The blog frog, Twitter, and Google Plus. I am not knocking any of the website in anyway as I have found friends from all of them. My experiment was solely to see if my page ranks would increase if I posted my blog posts to them. Continue reading