Family plans, really $10 per line…NOT!

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MS Word Clipart

Have you seen all the commercials for the many cell phone companies and their offers for the $10 to add a line to your family plan? Sounds awesome doesn’t it? Well, I thought so too, until I added that $10 line and boy did it cost me!!!!Oh yes, it was only $01 to add a line but that is only the beginning. It is not an extra $10 a month to have the line, it’s the $10 plus the plan money as well.

I called 3-different cell phone companies as I did not believe the first one I called as I was “roped” in by the $10 ad-on commercial. Here is what happened to my bill once I added a second phone and put it on a shared family plan.

  • My unlimited fee was $79.99 for my one phone and $8.99 a month for the insurance, $10 a month because it is a data phone. I always break my phone so I always use my insurance.
  • I did get charged another $10 for the second phone addition, but the phone was “free” so that was cool.
  • I did get a $10 break on my original phone bill so my unlimited went to $69.99, that was cool too so the $10 was a wash.
  • I did get the second phone and a bigger bill to boot. What I got that I was not expecting…An additional $69.99 for the second phone, even though it is SHARING my first phones minutes. Another $8,99 for insurance (that is OK) and an additional $10 monthly fee because it is a data phone as well.

So now my bill is about double what I was paying before…so much for the $10 hoopla!

So beware…that $10 they advertise is just to get you through the door. That $10 multiplies like bunnies once you sign your contact with that other line. I got roped in and it sucks. I cannot afford my phone bill every month but needed a business line because we don’t have a land line anymore.

When my contract is up my second line will be on it’s OWN contract or prepaid. I will have a cheap no data phone, as the number does not get used hardly at all. I don’t need a smart phone. So in the long run it is cheaper to have to plans, that are separate for my business phone!

Buyer beware!!!!


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One Response to Family plans, really $10 per line…NOT!

  1. Carole Ingram says:

    No, this is not right…how did you get another $69.99 for the phone!! If you have two phones and sharing the SAME minutes, it should only be an additional $10.00 , period! Call them again and fight this, DO NOT GIVE IN until you have it your way…seriously, YOU ARE THE VICTIM here and they are taking advantage of you. Go to any of their physical stores if they have any, this is NOT right !!! Seriously, someone has to make it right for you…if you can’t fight the battle for yourself, someone can do so on your behalf, this is RIDICULOUS and I’m so fed up and tired of companies screwing everyone because THEY CAN! I don’t have a cell phone, I have a tracfone and I control my minutes/plan. We work too damn hard to earn our money and we get taken enough by paying massive amounts of taxes, etc… FIGHT for what you have earned sweetie!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Can you tell I’m fired up!!

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