Politics & Parties, repeat.

I hope you will share!

Wow I have been invited to a whole lot of parties lately.  Wow I sound popular don’t I? Facebook, over the last few years has been one of two things for me. Either political ranting or party invites. Either I am reading fake news in my news feed (that’s 99.9% of it) or I am being added to a group for a so called “party.” You know the one where your friends can add you to groups and ask you to buy stuff so they can get stuff. Granted, I don’t mind one of these every now and then but 1-2 each week is the average right now and I am getting a bit frustrated.

Right now I am somehow in a legging, keep and cooking party. Last week I was in a makeup and legging party. I used to feel bad about removing myself from these groups as I didn’t want to hurt my friends feelings but I am so over that!

So I have spent many times on Facebook lately unfollowing very unhappy people who do nothing but share and vent about politics on Facebook. If you continue to spread the fake news and bitch the whole time, you will stay my friend, because there is a reason you are my friend and I love you. However, I need to unfollow you because that negativity is not my angle and makes me upset to see and I am tired of telling you to verify your sources for all the fake news sharing. Sorry but even CNN & FOX are biased.

Now I have to spent time removing myself from the so called “parties.” They really aren’t a party. OK so maybe you can get away with calling it a party as the definition is “a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment.” Source- Webster’s Dictionary. See how I cited that? Unlike other quotes and news stories on Facebook and Twitter etc. that don’t have legitimate cited sources…anyway!

So I guess

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I LUV Sharing!

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