Pay it Forward Friday!

I hope you will share!

Pay it forward picI am so excited to post my first week of pay-it-forward Friday!

This week I did a few things to pay-it-forward..

I walk to school a lot to pick up my daughter and I get so frustrated about all the garbage I see around. It’s not just on purpose litter but sometimes the garbage flies out of the trash can, or the garbage workers drop it when they are putting it in the truck. So this week I added some grocery bags to the stroller and every bit of trash I saw I picked up and put in the bag. Everyday I had it least a half bag full of trash. I did notice that after 3-days of doing this, my 4th day was a lot less. So maybe I am actually making a small impact on my city…yay. Imagine if all of us did this small task when we were out. How much cleaner would our world be?

Today’s pay-it-forward. I want Friday’s to be my biggest day of the week. I decided to look for someone that needed help. That took me all of 2-minutes when I went into the grocery store. I found someone that was using one of those motorized carts to shop and they could not reach the top shelf. Now…I could have been all pissed off at them because they could not get out of the chair and fend for themselves. They were not very old but severely overweight. I could have also judged them and said to myself that they deserved to have a hard time but think about this…I DON’T KNOW THEIR STORY! It is not my job to judge. I offered a little help and I did grab a few things off the shelf for them. You should have seen the woman’s face…she was so surprised. That made me feel good.

My son was with me too and you know what…because of that small gesture and many more to come he will see that there is good in people and that it is OK to be nice. I just have to make sure he understands about strangers and the appropriate and safe times to offer help.

Anyway, that is my share.

I hope others will share with me! I would love your Pay-it-Forwards Friday story. it doesn’t have to happen on a Friday…I just post it then!

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I LUV Sharing!

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