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I love to online shop. It saves on gas, time and a lot of Holiday Headaches. I probably shop online 80-90% of the time.

You would think that with online shopping being so popular that companies would try to send the item(s) in the smallest possible box or bag. It takes up less space and should be cheaper.

I ordered a pastry mat in the mail and look at the size of the box compared to the mat…ridiculous. This seriously took me by surprise how horribly large the box was compared to the product. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to send it in a round tube? Look at the packing material too. With a smaller box or tube they would have avoided extra packing material as well.

I know that USPS even has a flat rate tube in a couple sizes.oversized box 1 oversized box 2

With all the “green” talk why would companies not try to conserve cardboard? BUY SMALLER BOXES FOR SMALLER ORDERS PEOPLE!

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