Starting another round of P90X with a new buddy!

I hope you will share!

AGAIN! It’s not just a MAN’S workout!

I was in the middle of the LEAN 90 days of my second round of P90X when my hubby kind of dropped off the workout routine. I still worked out everyday but not always the “X” and it bummed me out a bit. Since he was not doing it with me, it was hard to do it at night like we were because we would get to doing other things.

My friend has committed though and I am excited. This is how we are going to do it!

This is the friend I have been walking with at 6am and now I am going to walk to her house by 6am and we are gong to get out “X” on! She even gave me a key so she is in trouble now cuz I WILL wake her butt up if she is not awake.

Just a side note to this post, because it makes me think about it.

I think a lot of people have the wrong idea in mind when they think of P90X. It looks like it is ALL weights and geared towards men. This is not the case. P90X has to do with muscle confusion and yes there are weights but there is also cardio like Kenpo, Core work, and Plyometrics. It is definitely a workout for both genders.

Another myth is that a lot of women think if they workout with weights they will bulk up like a man. Less weight more reps ladies and this will fine tune and tone the body. It is actually proven in research studies that you lose weight faster when you add weight resistance. The more muscle your body holds then the more calories you burn at rest. We all want that.

This works for all types of weight resistant exercise, not just P90X. I just love the P90X as it does make you feel strong, and fast. The workouts are a bit longer then average (45-60 minutes except yoga as its 90min.). But if you don’t have time to do the entire workout, doing half of them are even going to give you results.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get on this 90 day excursion with my friend. I am very eager to see how excited she is going to get with her results (after the firs 3 weeks of sore of course).
I will keep you updated and if I can talk her into it I will post before and after pics of the both of us, but no promises, I have not asked her yet!


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14 Responses to Starting another round of P90X with a new buddy!

  1. XLMIC says:

    I love P90X!

  2. trx coupons says:

    This is something my boyfriend was just talking to me about.

  3. Evita says:

    How can I do this type of thing. Ive been limited on what I can and cannot do.

    • admin says:

      If you are limited with exercise then definitely consult a doctor first it may not be right for u

  4. Jenell says:

    Can someone overweight really do this kind of thing?

    • admin says:

      Absolutely! I did!
      The biggest thing is that you need to be OK with what you can do and not beat yourself up because you are not as good as those in the video. When I said I could only bend my arms about 1 inch in my push ups I really meant that. At the end of the 90 days, was I doing full push ups and pull ups? Heck no. I still am unable to pull up (I used the bands on the door instead). And my push ups are about halfway now, maybe a inch more then half way. I still do a lot of exercises, very light and different then the video. The key is to get healthy and you are whether or not you are the hP90X star or just an average person, like me, doing it. Just remember no one is there to judge you so who cares, do what you can and forget about what you are unable to do!

  5. Kim@MommiesTimeOutToday says:

    I’ve been dying to try this out? How do you like it?

    • admin says:

      I lost 11 pounds and a lot of inches from it. I do like the workout a lot. I just wrote a review (well not toally finished yet) on my website at and there is a P90X review tab on there.
      It makes you feel really strong and my arm fat does nto jiggle anymore! That is a huge one for me.
      If you are ever itnerested please let me know as I am affiliated with beachbody and I don’t tell people I like the products just to sell them. I became affiliated wth beachbody because of their products and P90X and turbo Jam are what got me where I am today.

  6. cmyoung says:

    That's intense…you're stronger than me! New follower…would love for you to follow back ūüôā

  7. Beverly says:

    Good luck to you! I've never tried P90X, but my daughter has and I know it's killer.

    I just have to share with you that the ad at the top of your page right now is an ad from Papa John's. Thought it was a tad ironic! ūüėČ

  8. My Journey With Candida says:

    Yay!!! How nice you are going to have a work out buddy…… So much more fun than working out alone. Plus, the time will go so much faster when you have a friend to pass the time with.

  9. tawna6988 says:

    The only workout that hurts the knee is plyometrics because it's jumping. Skip that one totally if you have knee issues. Cardio X has some plyometrics in it, about 1/3 so you can just miss those. I blew out my knee years ago and it flames up a lot. I have had not trouble with any other the other workouts, flaring the knee injury up, only those 2. You still have Kenpo, all the arms shoulders and chest, and tricep workouts, most of cardio, core synergistics and I am missing a couple but thinking off the top of my head.

    I hope that helps!

  10. says:

    I've heard that P90X can be really hard on the knees. Have you had any problems with this? I'm hesitant to buy it because of that…it's rather expensive!

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