Storing my summer/winter clothes so they are easy to get out

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I like so many others, have to store off season clothes due to space. For years and years this task would seem impossible and I would dread it.

Taking the clothes off the hangers, putting them in a box. Then taking the new clothes out of the box, put them on a hanger, repeat.

A couple years ago I had an “AHA!” moment. It seems to silly now but it totally has made my life worth while and will take me all of 30 minutes to change my summer clothes to winter today.Don’t take them off the hangers! Hangers are cheap, store them hanging! I have some big computer boxes and they are easy to com by and fit the clothes rather nicely. I even leave pants on hangers! See how easy they store.

This is just my friendly tip for the day. It has saved me a lot of time and swearing so it is so worth it!

Happy Fall and I hope you have an easy transition between seasons!


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  1. Great Idea!! LOL, I have a winter closet and a summer closet. Thats what you can look forward to when your kids are grown.

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