WTFriday…1800 Postcards did it again!

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Well my “favorite” company did it again…

Do you remember my bitching session about having to dispute a payment to 1800 Postcards? If not you can view that very lengthy post with many updates here

But they did it again WTFriday…to say the least! Here is what happened, yesterday.

I swore off doing business with them back in August when the whole charging me for an order they shouldn’t have fiasco hit. I have not visited their web site or anything. That obviously did not even matter.

I looked at my bank account between the hour of 3-4pm yesterday and saw a $380.40 charge for them. WHAT?!!!!! I never made an order with them.

I called my bank. Now since I have done “business,” if you can call it that, in the past I had to call 1800 Postcards myself. The bank could not just charge it off. They could if I never have done business with them but because of my “relationship” with them I had to call them. So I did.

First it took 20 minutes for the guy to find my account. Now I do have to say that the guy that helped me was nice and sounded like he was really trying, but at this point I am so pissed off, I don’t care much about how nice he is…I want my money. The other woman back in August was nice too but she never refunded me without me doing a dispute so…anyway I regress.

Finally they found my account and saw a huge 2500 postcard order made yesterday. The name of the company was not even tied to me…at all! To the best of the representatives knowledge the card just somehow got associated with their account and I got charged for someone else’s order.

I have been told within the last 30-minutes that they have requested a charge back to my card. This should make me feel better right? NOT! I was told this multiple times before, back in August, and they never did. Again you can see that post here. I just don’t believe it til I see it.

What kills me, and almost literally did yesterday from a heart attack, is that this is the SECOND dispute with the same company in less then 90 days. Does anyone else see something fishy with this?

Now come on, if you make a mistake fix it and fix it fast. I have had to borrow money from the bank to cover the negative status this put me into. I did send a pdf of the fees I have received and they better credit me back those fees too.

I really think I should be compensated more too. Not just because I am selfish but because I spent HOURS yesterday and today, about 6 total, cancelling all my auto pays I have on that card. I am sure I will get a couple late fees in the process cuz some were due today. I then canceled that debit card and am having a new one issued. This takes about 7-days to get…3-5 business and today is Friday so you know it will be mid-late next week before I get the new card. It has cost me $$$ as I am a work-at-home Mom and all my time and effort have gone to their damn mistake.

So now we play the waiting game…will I get a refund or will I have to fight again? Will I get compensated the way I should?

I was actually having a very productive and good day yesterday, and then this stupid company ruined yet another day and nights sleep again in my life. I tell ya…if I hadn’t said it before I would say it again…I will NEVER give this company my business again. Good lord, they take my business without me even shopping with  them. I guess they want my money badly or something.

I will update when I get one so bookmark this post if you want to know the outcome.

UPDATE: It took forever but I got my money back AND the bank fees I had to pay because of their mistake. I had to bug and beg them for the bank fees but in the end I cashed the check for that $50 yesterday. Goodness, glad they made it right but it should never have happened! Never store your credit card on-lin…lesson learned!



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3 Responses to WTFriday…1800 Postcards did it again!

  1. Megan says:

    Make sure that once this is resolved they completely remove all of your account information from their system!

  2. Jill A. Collins says:

    You need to call the bank and get your debit card number changed. That way if they “make a mistake” in the future it will no longer be your problem. It’s a big hassle now for no hassle later.

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