WTFriday…cell phones AGAIN at a the most inappropriate time!

Kids with phonesOH my goodness! I am so over the rudeness of cell phones I want to scream! I have said it before and I will say it again. “The cell phone is not the most important thing in your world!” Oh I so long for the days when yo had to be home to get a call and messages were left on an answering machine for when it was convenient to listen tot hem…the good ole days!

So again I have been annoyed with cell phones and again sharing it in my WTFriday post! Here was the latest for me in my little world. Continue reading

Another great show cancelled…grrrr!

OK so I went to sit down and scroll through my DVR to watch one of my new favorite TV shows, Escaping The Prophet. i was not able to though because it was not there. So I am thinking to myself that maybe it’s because the Olympics is on and it will come back. So I looked into my future recordings and ZERO recording scheduled. “That’s odd,” I thought. So I went to Google and low and behold CANCELLED!

This has made me real upset. I was bummed at first, but after reading some of the reasons why this show is cancelled I got all sorts of fumed up! So I found an article here on There was also a reply to a tweet from TLC and this is what it said…

@TLC, @florajessop, @brandonjeffs latest word from production is that was “too dark” but may be available On Demand”

Too dark! Yes you read that correct. OK so before I start my rant over this really stupid tweet from TLC and cancellation let me give you some of the shows that are on Television that are a whole lot “darker” then Escaping the Prophet. Continue reading

WTFriday…Don’t BUY iPHONES or IPADS!!!

WTFriday imageI am so mad today I want to scream and I just may! Today’s WTFriday has me steaming!

My son misplaced his tablet and I can’t find it anywhere. I keep old phones for many reasons. The biggest reason well…I am not buying the kiddo another tablet, he can use an old phone to play games on.

I have 2 android phones. One I bought in 2007 and one in 2011. Both came on fine and I am able to get on WiFi for him to play Disney junior games. Also I am able to get some apps for games on them. This will be his tablet. I also have an iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3G came out in 2008 and I bought it in 2011 when I went to AT&T so I have only had this phone just about 3-years. Well it will be 3 years for me come June 2014. I CAN’T USE IT! Continue reading

WTFriday…Cell Phone Etiquette Please!


I love WTFriday moments from my readers and I have my first one to share. Remember that I want your WTFriday moment and I will share it. if you want linked back to your page too I will do that too!

This weeks it’s all about cell phones. Here is what my reader Sherri shared…Thanks Sherri! Continue reading

WTFriday…PU again!

UntitledSo last week I wrote about the smoky guy at the gym. You can view that here if you want. It has been a WTFriday month at the gym. I had another smelly experience last Saturday at the gym.

It’s taken me a while to get the hubs interested in going to the gym with me and Saturday I actually go him up to go with me…yay!

We decided to do the elliptical and we got on two that were side-by-side. About halfway  Continue reading

WTFriday…butt enhancers at the gym?!!!

WTFriday imageToday I went to the gym and was quite distracted while on the elliptical.

Just like any other gym day, I headed in, found a machine, put the headphones in and got in the workout zone. My “zone” was interrupted with the girl who decided to use the elliptical next to me. She wasn’t a bad looking girl, in fact you could tell she worked out quite a bit. Then I noticed her outfit and BOY did that throw me for a loop.

It was one of those times when Continue reading

How much box do you need…seriously?!!!

WTFriday image

I love to online shop. It saves on gas, time and a lot of Holiday Headaches. I probably shop online 80-90% of the time.

You would think that with online shopping being so popular that companies would try to send the item(s) in the smallest possible box or bag. It takes up less space and should be cheaper.

I ordered a pastry mat in the mail and look at the size of the box compared to the mat Continue reading

WTFriday…Going green?!

WTFriday imageYou would think with all the “green” talk these days that people would take into account that their trash throwing should be a thing of the past…but NO!

I have picked up so much trash over the past few weeks. When I walk with the kids, I will pick up trash, put it in the stroller, and then throw it away. It has been ridiculous how much trash I pass within a 1.7 mile walk! Oh and the biggest one…those damn Continue reading

Cartoon Soap Operas for KIDS…WTFriday??!!!

MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

I haven’t posted for a long time. I have been down with the nasty head cold, flu and then bronchitis, for just about a month now. Good lord it has been nasty. I have spent a lot of down time watching TV by myself and with the kiddos during my sickness and I have to say that I am NOT loving the cartoons these days.

I used to love cartoons when I was a kid but now I feel like I need to monitor the cartoon channel before I let my kids watch them. There are three different shows that come to question over the past month. Continue reading