SAY NO to those Pesky Solicitors!

I am usually a pretty smart woman, with a good judge of character, but I did screw up and have decided to share my experience so others don’t fall into it. It is a frustrating way to learn. If you know anyone that could learn from my mistake PLEASE SHARE IT!

no solicitors 50 percentA couple months ago I was sitting at my business, minding my own business, and even though I have a No Soliciting sign on my door I had three solicitors come in. I should just start being rude and telling those people coming in that are begging for money, selling something, or asking for donations to read the door, but I am too nice and I usually listen to them and then politely tell them no.

The three solicitors were from a company called EMI and they are a T-Mobile authorized dealer. Just a few months prior to them coming in I had moved from T-Mobile to AT&T because T-mobile in my area pretty much sucks. The only good thing is that they are cheaper, and the only reason I can think of is because their service, like I said, pretty much sucks.

I told the three solicitors that and the very pushy little Asian girl was not having that and went on as to  how much better they have gotten and the deals they were having on phones…etc, etc. I listened and got sucked in. I flat out told her that I was not buying a phone for retail; she assured me that they had a sale for the Samsung S5 of $180. I told her that I did not want a contract and she assured me that I was just paying monthly for the service and phone and I could leave anytime and since my phone was only $180 that wouldn’t take long to pay off. I told her I was not paying a ton of money to start and she put a bunch of numbers on a paper and I was only suppose to pay a certain amount for two phones and a $80 deposit for each and we would be good. I told her that I needed Canada coverage and

It’s time to take a stand and get the US & ourselves back!

The shopping age has changed drastically in the last few years. It used to be an all-day excursion to find the perfect gift with lunch at the mall with over-crowded food courts and crowds of people everywhere. Now a-days you will be hard pressed to find an oversized crowd at the mall. It seems a lot less people go shopping from day-to-day locally. This can be nice for crowd purposes but this is having an affect our economy, health and job environment.

Does this mean that people are buying less? The answer to that is NO, they are not. In fact now that on-line shopping has become more and more prominent, it is easier then ever for people to get bored or become addicted to shopping. Heck…you can even sit during a movie and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars without leaving the couch!

There are a lot of stores where you can buy items very conveniently, with fast shipping and even get deliveries on Sunday’s, but what shoppers don’t realize, or ignore, is the impact it has on the local economy.

I found an awesome flier that explains very well what this does and everyone should read it.

Here it is.

So tired of Dr. Oz and Hollywood selling us stuff!


Remember when Dr. Oz first started his show; he would not promote any third party product. I heard him many times say he did not believe in promoting health products for companies. Now over the past year, it least, maybe longer than that, all I get is e-mails, calls, and advertisements everywhere about what Dr. Oz is promoting.

Green coffee bean extract, Garcinia Cambogia and some wrinkle cream. This is just what I have heard about lately, I think there was also some Raspberry tablet a year or two back as well.

I am finding Facebook ads, Google ads, you name it and frankly I am tired of it! Continue reading

Does sending in FASFA cost?

MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

I have been kicking around the idea of whether or not I want to go back to school. I am on the fence about it, but figured I might as well feel out my FASFA (student loan paperwork) just in case I decided to go.

I learned something today and I wanted to share before anyone else gets, or almost gets roped into PAYING to send in their FASFA! know for a fact that I have NEVER paid for FASFA in the past. I have a Master’s degree so I have probably filled out those forms about a dozen times. Heck…I filled them out before the Internet came to be.

I went to and filled it all out and BAM…they wanted around Continue reading

Cartoon Soap Operas for KIDS…WTFriday??!!!

MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

I haven’t posted for a long time. I have been down with the nasty head cold, flu and then bronchitis, for just about a month now. Good lord it has been nasty. I have spent a lot of down time watching TV by myself and with the kiddos during my sickness and I have to say that I am NOT loving the cartoons these days.

I used to love cartoons when I was a kid but now I feel like I need to monitor the cartoon channel before I let my kids watch them. There are three different shows that come to question over the past month. Continue reading

Domain Registraton…Beware Before You Renew!

domain mailingIf you have any kind of website at all you have to renew the domain yearly. If you have a hosting service then you can do this right through the hosting service. I actually bought my domains for between $9.99-$13.99 per year through my hosting service.

The auto renew as well, if I choose them to do so for the same price I bought them for, so right now I pay about $13.99 per year for my domain and about $85 a year for my hosting service. I get unlimited domains with my hosting service and probably have 30-domains so it costs me about $5-$6 a year per domain to host.

What is the reason for this post…well, glad you asked…lol. It is about all the “Crap” “Spam” mailing I get and it makes me mad! So I got this letter in the mail last year. Continue reading

Terrified to have a play date!

MS word Cliipart

MS word clipart

Having kids is great and I love it! However there is one thing that I don’t love, well actually fear a little bit…well actually more then one thing:

* Play dates

* Sleep overs

* Babysitting others parents kids

This may sound rather “crappy” of me and negative but there are good reasons for this fear. Continue reading

Had to beg for my refund…and still had to dispute.


OK so my last post about blog giveaways being a bust sometimes got a lot of response and I am glad to announce that most of the time, people really do get their prizes. There are the odd times they don’t but I guess like anything in this world you win some, you lose some…literally in this case.

Here is what ignited my last post.

I won a giveaway back in February and I did not use the coupon code until months later, August to be exact. I was worried it might have expired but it hadn’t as I was able to shop and use the code and it gave me the 100% discount. I did get charged for shipping which I thought was ridiculous for a blog giveaway as that is usually not the etiquette but seeing that the business cards were a great savings and we started a new business so  I thought I would pay the $33 shipping on a lot of business cards. I checked out and approved a $33 payment for shipping and was excited to finally get my business cards. But… Continue reading