I hope you will share!

IMAG0088Yesterday my husband and I put this swing set together for our kids. It was a bit windy but we stayed outside til about 10:00pm, without coats, assembling the set. I think the high was around 77 degrees Fahrenheit….NOT TODAY!

For a few days I have had my air conditioning on in my home and my car. I have worn shorts and sandals to walk and pick up my child from school. We have been roller skating, bike riding, and just having a ton of outside fun. Now TODAY, the first day the kids have their swing set and it is currently 40 degrees outside, windy and cold. I just had to turn the heat on!!! WTFriday????!!!! This irritates me. I need my winter coat and my heater? I am soooooo tired of this stinking cold weather! Come on Spring!!!!!!!! My poor little man…he is determined to play on the swing set even though it is freezing. He can only make about 10 minutes at a time.

I hope you are warmer then us right now!

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I LUV Sharing!

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