Workouts 13-24.

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UntitledI have not been taking breaks on my workouts I just have not had a lot of time to sit down and write a post for each for awhile. Comes with the territory of parenthood I guess.

So to keep you and me up-to-date, this post will be a quick rundown of the last few workouts with a description on whether or not I like it or not:) Yes I have workouts I don’t love.  Here goes!

These are workouts 13-24 and I think I am about half way through my stack of CD’s…goodness that’s a lot of workout DVDs I have invested in, but worth it. I love workout DVDs because you pay for them once and they are yours for life. Here is a quick title and whether or not I like it.

13. Turbo Jam Cardio Party: You  know Turbo is my favorite. The Turbo Jam was created before Turbo Fire. Fire is a lot more intense so this Turbo Jam set is awesome for those that may not be in as great as shape yet. So not as overwhelming as Turbo Fire. Will never shelve these DVDs for long…my “go to” workout set.

14. Turbo Jam Ab Jam: Same as above.

15.  Hip Hop Abs Hips, Buns, and Thighs: Well I have to admit that the hip hop abs series is just an “OK” for me. The only one I really like is the ab workout, I did that below…I don’t know what it is, but I prefer Shaun T in the Insanity workout. It’s his voice or something in the Hip Hop Abs that turns me off…honestly I don’t know what it is. So I do this workout because it does make me sweat but I don’t do it often.

16. Biggest loser, the workout 2: I do like these biggest loser workouts a lot. It’s real contestants, the menus let you pick what you want to do for the workout in a lot of the DVDs. They make you sweat. I recommend these workouts. They are workouts that are great for any fitness level, so if you have not worked outed in a long time then these are a nice start and can add to you fitness routine if you have already been working out for awhile. I got these from the library in the beginning to see if I likde them. I did, so I bought a handful on-line through Amazon.

17.  Turbo Fire Sculpt 30: You know my love with the Turbo workouts already. The Turbo Fire is fun and more intense then the Turbo Jam. If you have been working out for 2-3 months then the Fire may be right up your alley. If you haven’t been working out it’s not like you shouldn’t get the Fire set but I would recommend doing something for a few weeks before or you might be a bit frustrated. LOVE the Fire DVD set…will never go without these either.

18. Turbo Fire Tone 30: Ditto

19. P90X Cardio X: For my long time readers you know I have finished this before and really like it a lot. For the first while I was not able to add these DVDs into my workout regimen, but since my injury has subsided a bit I have added them. Love P90X, I honestly do. I did not think I would like it at all before I got it, but to my surprise I do. I have done it 1 1/2 times and am happy to be able to add them in again. Now…I am still pull up challenged, I use the door bands and play around on the pull up bar a bit. So the stats you will find on my P90X Journey tab are really from no pull up bar so don’t let the pull ups keep you away form trying this DVD set. I even bought the P90X 2 but to be honest I ended selling it on Craigslist. I did not love it nearly as much as the first. I never did do the whole workout of P90X 2 and maybe I did not give it enough time, but for me, P90X 1 is a favorite.

20. Insanity Pure Cardio: Insanity is for those that are already in shape in my opinion. It is hard. If you have knee or shin problems then I would steer clear of this workout. If you are looking to become even more fit after your first workout regimen is done then Insanity may be for you. It hurts me a little. I like it better broken up in my DVD stack then I did trying the entire series at once. I got shin splints in 4 weeks. Now, as I mentioned above, in Hip Hop Abs, Shaun T bugged me to death. I don’t know why but he does not bug me in Insanity…weird I know, but for some reason he doesn’t. So I can watch and listen to Insanity better then Hip Hop Abs, but it is HARD!

21. Insanity Cardio Abs: Ditto from above. One thing to add…I do love how Shaun T does non crunch abs. I have an InterStim Implant and that is a great thing. So his ab routines are great for me as I don’t have to roll back on my implant.

22. Winsor Pilate’s Accelerated Body Sculpting: I do like these Pilate’s DVDs. Soon they won’t be available anymore I am sure, I have had these for a while and they were sold on VHS too so you know they have been around. My only complaint is I am not able to roll back on my hip without it bugging me as I have the InterStim Implant, but other then that I can totally see how people lose weight and tone up with Pilate’s and Yoga. It works your muscles big time. The first time I did a DVD in this Winsor series it hurt to cough the next day…lol

23. Hip Hop Abs Ab Sculpt: Favorite of the Hip Hop Abs, but as mentioned before the hip hop abs series is not a favorite.

24. Hip Hop Abs Total Body Burn: Ditto from my hip hop abs workout above.




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