The not easily offended…offended!

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This has been on my mind for years. Today it get’s pout on here.

I’m a LEGAL immigrant.

I played by the rules and came here and made myself legal.

I support immigration laws because I understand them.

I don’t expect to live off a country for free, I expect equality and when you tell one person they need to come into the country legally then ALL people should come into this country legally. It’s called consistency.

I did it the right way, so why shouldn’t everyone who wants to live in this country have to do it the right way?

No other country would allow illegal immigrants to have free health care and welfare. Not even Canada  where every threatened to jump too. Trust me I came from there, not happening peeps.

From someone who has actually been through the lines and tests to make the US their home, I am tired of those who have not had to do it, advocating for those that don’t want to do it. It makes me feel as though they don’t care how hard I had to work to be proud to be a citizen. Frankly I am offended and I don’t get offended by much of anything. Why does this offend me?

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