Dance Mom’s giving us a bad name!

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Most of you have probably heard of the show Dance Mom’s. I have danced for over 30-years and to be honest, it took me until season 2 to know that this show was out there. Being a “Dance Mom” I figured…”awesome…I will watch it!” Well let’s say I TRIED to watch it, but, it  gave us dance Mom’s a bad rap!

I could not believe how awful and horrible those Mom’s AND the teacher are. Holy cow! Honestly, what Mom, with a real brain would allow their kids to be put into that situation? What parent would stand for that kind of environment? I know the reason…MONEY! It’s always money right?! Pay someone enough and they will act however you want them to. That seems to be the unwritten understood right? Well, I cherish my kids too much. Why would I allow myself, my kids, and reputation to be torn to shreds for a paycheck?

This show will not last forever, but screwing up your child will.

The picture I have attached has the Moms dressed as Devils and the kids as Angels. Now the girls may have comradery and be so called “angels” but what will this picture look like in a few years…devils…all of them. Think I am wrong? Aren’t we all products of our environment? Teach these kids long enough that being a bitch pays and they will, most likely, turn out like their Mothers. I hope that the $ is worth it to the Mothers because that is what they are trading for their kids respect and values.

So I managed to make it through season 2 but I don’t watch it anymore. NOT ALL Dance Moms are like this by the way. I want to give a shout out to my fellow Dance Moms and Dads! I love you guys! We all get along. We chat and have get togethers. We talk up each other’s child. We understand that not all children have the same talent and when one child has a solo or gets highlighted then we are thankful for that. I guess we are grownups! Of course not everyone is going to like everyone but something that is NOT tolerated in our studio is disrespect and negative talk/attitude. You take that nasty stuff out of the doors and clear off the studio grounds. Something that these dance Mom’s at Abby Lee’s do not do.

So…next time you meet a dance parent…don’t assume that we are nasty like the show. Remember it’s a show and they are paying them to be nasty. Think about it…if they were nice and normal then the show would have been cancelled after the first few shows.

I just wanted to give a friendly shout out to my fellow dance parents! Love you guys and thanks for a positive and fun dance experience!


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