Dance Mom’s giving us a bad name!


Most of you have probably heard of the show Dance Mom’s. I have danced for over 30-years and to be honest, it took me until season 2 to know that this show was out there. Being a “Dance Mom” I figured…”awesome…I will watch it!” Well let’s say I TRIED to watch it, but, it  gave us dance Mom’s a bad rap!

I could not believe how awful and horrible those Mom’s AND the teacher are. Holy cow! Honestly, what Mom, with a real brain would allow their kids to be put into that situation? What parent would stand for that kind of environment? I know the reason… Continue reading

Terrified to have a play date!

MS word Cliipart

MS word clipart

Having kids is great and I love it! However there is one thing that I don’t love, well actually fear a little bit…well actually more then one thing:

* Play dates

* Sleep overs

* Babysitting others parents kids

This may sound rather “crappy” of me and negative but there are good reasons for this fear. Continue reading

WTFriday…Yelling at kids to fight?!!

UntitledI have recently dropped my FitWorks gym membership and started doing my workouts at the local YMCA. Not that I did not like FitWorks, it just made more sense since the kiddos are starting to do a lot of sports at the Y. They offer discounts for members so in the long run it is cheaper.

OK so I took the kids into the mat room after my workout a couple weeks ago. It is a fun room full of all different sizes and types of mats for the kids to build things, jump in, or whatever. The whole floor is covered with a mat too so they can have a lot of fun and not get too hurt, if they get hurt at all. Continue reading