Day 3 Biggest Loser Style!

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Today’s workout was The Biggest Loser Cardio max workout.The Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max

There are many reasons I loved this workout. Like I said before, I have had these DVDs for a long time but honestly I have never done this one until now. Let me tell you why I liked it so much.

First of all it let’s you decide what to put in your workout. From the menu it says something along the lines to create your workout. Then it takes you into a screen and you can add up to 5-things; warm up, cardio for 20 min., two cardio 10 min. options, and a cool down. I have NEVER seen that option before and I love that. For my beginning purposes I chose the warm up, 20 min. cardio and cool down. Plus I was pressed for time so it fit perfectly for me. There may be another day that I can add more but for my purposes this time, it was great!

Second and BEST option, so really this should be first. The people doing the workout were real Biggest Loser contestants. They looked like normal people. Not sickly skinny etc. They, well, looked like me! This made me happy. It’s nice to see average people working out and does not make you feel even fatter seeing a ridiculously skinny person on the video.

Now don’t get me wrong. I want to be healthy and fit and look the part, but sometimes it’s nice to see “me” on that workout video…lol

So definitely doing this workout again. I think I have a few more in my pile so yay!

Then last night hubby was good to go to the gym again. So I got 45 minutes on the treadmill too. I burned almost 400 calories there…whiihoo! Hopefully he keeps up going with me to the gym because his track record is to quit after 2-3 weeks so we will see. I will take it when I can get it.

I SLEPT WELL AND CRASHED!  That is a plus for me because along with the unhealthy weight gain comes insomnia for me so working out helps with that too! I feel so good today after a great nights sleep.

Now as far as the shoulder and arm, it did hurt a bit yesterday but feels OK today. I did take a lot of the arms out of the workout and did not do any of the free weights like they did in the video. I kept track of my heart rate and it will still in my fat burning zone so that is good. I even tried to shoot a basketball into a hoop after the treadmill last night and OUCH! I should not have tried that. I had hubby pop my back and that has helped the pain some…not all but some. Stupid injury! Anyway, but we are still good.

Have w onderful day!

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