My 3-year old loves belly dance

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UntitledToday’s workout was a belly dance workout. It was very fun but before I give all those details I have to say something so cute. My 3 1/2 year old son came down to the basement while I was working out and saw the two ladies on the DVD and was like a deer in the head lights when he saw them…

“Mommy,” he says…”that is such a beautiful workout,” as he glues his eyes to the TV. “Yes it is,” I said. He is still eyes glued to the TV and says “wow that is adorable!” Oh my he cracks me up sometimes. Obviously he thought the women very gorgeous and I am sure the shiny costume helped some too…lol

Anyway, I move on. I counted my completed discs today as I was not sure how many discs I have done yet. I have done 11 as of today. I mentioned before that I had added some new discs so I was curious how many I have done. Of those 11 discs this belly dancing workout was my 12th workout.

This belly dance workout is called Belly Dance Slim Down with Veena and Neena. Bellydance Fitness for Beginners: Slim DownSome may think that belly dance is not a good workout and may be “easy.” Oh my it is not. It hurts actually. My calves the most and my lower belly (I need that hurt) and arms and shoulders. I broke a huge sweat and monitored my heart rate. My target heart rate is between 108-150 bpm and ideally I want to be around 120-135 for longer workouts and this 30-min workout had me between 125-140 after the warm up. I could feel it. I also love to dance and this was very fun for me. I feel a little awkward as the hip movements are hard, but who cares, no one is watching so I just “went with it.”

I think I have a couple more belly dance DVDs in my stack and honestly I would like some more. I have always wanted to learn how to do it so working out with it couldn’t hurt right?

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