Do you want it in the beginning or not at all?

MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

MEN…If you are not going to keep it up, then don’t do it, in the beginning. What am I talking about? Many things actually.Let me step back for a minute. I got into this “talk” with my husband this past week. What inspired the conversation was the phone call he gave me earlier this week and he said to me…”do you want me to put gas in the cat before I come home, the car needs it?” OK so let me set the stage. It is 29 degrees outside and on the day he called we had also had 4 inches of snow. “DUH!” Yes put gas in the damn car, your in it now fill it! I don’t know how many times, since we have been married he has brought the stupid car home without gas in it, and I mean GAS LIGHT ON! OK so here is my plea to all married AND single men out there… Continue reading

The woman always knows…so why don’t men listen?

We were in WV for the Thanksgiving weekend and we were having a nice family day site seeing wonderful places.

We were driving on lot’s of windy back roads, as the Midwest is full of them. There was one problem though…I kept having to tell my hubby to watch the d@%n road!

Like most men I have driven with, he likes to look out the darn window instead of looking forward. This is even a bigger problem as my daughter and I are car sick 90% of the time we are in the car, and his looking everywhere but the front road, makes it worse. Continue reading

Pissed off wife and who can blame her!

So I was out west visiting family and we went to my sisters hotel room to swim. Something caught my eye out the window and I HAD to take a picture and share it. I believe that this is already floating around Facebook as my friends uploaded it to their FB so if you have seen this already, you get another peek with the story behind it!

I blacked out the license plate for obvious reasons! It is hard to read so this is what it says:
Dear Dave
Tell your GF your wife and kids say Hi. PS. I cleaned out Bank! You are broke. Heart Nikki and kids

The whole time we were all thinking “holy cow, she caught him at this hotel and this guy is going to come out and see his car.” Then we looked down and saw the DOG tied up to the bumper!

So we all waited and waited to see this man’s reaction. We thought that maybe it was Dave’s dog and his wife was done with it too. Plus we wanted to make sure the dog lived. It was not too hot so the dog was fine! Trust me we wold have watered it if we needed too! Poor dog!

I had to leave after a while but my friends stayed. They called me about 30 minutes later and gave me the update.

The woman and her kids were at the hotel. She wrote that on her car because yes here hubby was cheating. She took the kids and the dog and the bank account money and left. YOU GO GIRL!

If you are a cheater you deserve to be left…sorry but that is fair!

Besides this gave us something to converse about for a few days while on vacation. Now I share it with you.

Be careful if your spouse catches you cheating because the whole world may find out!

Have a great day everyone!