Do you want it in the beginning or not at all?

MS Word Clipart

MS Word Clipart

MEN…If you are not going to keep it up, then don’t do it, in the beginning. What am I talking about? Many things actually.Let me step back for a minute. I got into this “talk” with my husband this past week. What inspired the conversation was the phone call he gave me earlier this week and he said to me…”do you want me to put gas in the cat before I come home, the car needs it?” OK so let me set the stage. It is 29 degrees outside and on the day he called we had also had 4 inches of snow. “DUH!” Yes put gas in the damn car, your in it now fill it! I don’t know how many times, since we have been married he has brought the stupid car home without gas in it, and I mean GAS LIGHT ON! OK so here is my plea to all married AND single men out there… Continue reading

Will I ever get to pee by myself again?!!!

Growing up I always wondered why my Mother would constantly shower and pee with the bathroom door open. I was always “Mom, shut the door geez!”

Now that I am a Mom I have actually had to call my Mother and tell her I am sorry and that I now understand why she did it…out of habit. Not a habit that she did not care about privacy but out of habit…well…because she had a family.

I have now become my Mother…here is why. Continue reading

Sometimes U just have to take charge…stand up for URself!

For many years I have spent more time then I am willing to admit angry at my husband. He is very good at remembering the first day we talked on the phone, the day we meet, where we ate and things like that, but he does not keep a schedule of his daily events and he is constantly making plans, even after I tell him we have plans.

For me it is easy, I am told a date and I remember it. I even write it on the wall calendar as well as schedule it in my phone, but I truly just remember it 85% of the time.

When I have confronted him before, many times, he just says, “I just forgot, what do you want me to do about it…it is what it is?” After many arguments and bad feelings towards the situation I have come up with something that so far seems to be working…most of the time. Continue reading