Pure plyometrics…not for me!

I am a Beachbody Coach and I LOVE their workouts. I have a confession to make though. I started, and got to week 5, of Insanity and had to change my workout back to P90X and Turbo Fire. Insanity is an awesome way to burn fat and calories but the plyometrics just killed me!

I thought I have always had pretty strong ankles but I think my age is getting to me a bit. I swear that I could have done this workout in my teens and even to my early 30’s but in my 40’s… not so much. Continue reading

My P90X weight loss

I blogged, in detail, my P90X: Tony Horton's 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program weight loss journey. Rather then screwing up google rankings and re-post my posts to this webpage I thought I would share my links with you. I created this page on my blog TawnasPlan.com and each link will take you to my specific blog post. If you lose your place just look for the P90X tab on my blog because the links are there too!

I love P90X so much I even purchases P90X2. I was scared at first as I thought there was not way I would be able to finish it, but I was wrong…I DID finish it and am doing again!

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Paying bills stress & weight gain…a viscous circle

I truly hate payday.  This may sound funny to some but I bet most of you understand why I say that! I always have knots in stomach, grinding teeth issues and really start to dislike my husband as it always ends up in a fight.

He does not “do” the bills, I have to. If I let him then he spends first, and bills last, and then we end up with disconnect notices and extra fees to get things turned on. His favorite phrase is “what can be delay in paying so we can “X?” Really??? No way in hell I am delaying a bill so we can play.

I always have to be the NO person and it really wears on our relationship big time. Continue reading

I fit into my first goal shirt today…whihoo!!

Today is an awesome day!!!!!

I bought the Mickey Mouse shirt (in my picture) about 2 months ago as a “goal shirt.”

It is a Juniors Large! I have been buying ladies medium shirts for awhile but this Juniors large shirt was a little too tight when I bought it.

I know that others may have worn this shirt around with the stomach roll hanging out but I won’t do that. I wanted it to actually fit! It fits today!!!

I have lost 8 pounds in 28 days and this has made a total loss of 68 pounds since November of 2009! So cool!

How did I lose the majority of my weight? Continue reading

Tis the season for heart attacks!

MS Clipart

This weekend has been one long weekend of raking leaves. Well it actually started a week ago.

The nice this is that my city will pick up your leaves if you rake them to the end of your yard, having them kind of hanging of the curb into the street.

There are 3 pick up times and this last Friday was the first, tomorrow the second, and the following day the third.

I did have a whole lot of leaves for them on Friday, but there are more. In fact, here is a picture I took of the 2nd batch I raked. So this is seriously a third of our leaves! Continue reading

Should I really say NO?

So my son has been a really picky eater lately. Well he was born picky. It is hard not to compare him to my daughter because she came out a great eater. She loves healthy food and even asks for cold water over juices.

My son is a bit, OK a lot harder to get to eat. If I gave him chips, french fries, and crackers, we would have no problems at all, but as you know, we are healthy eaters. So his taste buds are going to need to change or we are going to keep fighting. Continue reading

You are what you eat…I can agree with that today, UGH!

You are what you eat, and they are not kidding! I feel horrible, but on my way out of this food coma!

I would add a cool image here but am not on my computer so it will be a plane Jane post for today!

I have been on a 3 day excursion with my awesome friend Heidi and it is not that we have eaten bad for those 3 days but I have not eaten like I usually do and it is now taking it’s toll!

I have kept doing my Shakeology for breakfast or lunch but had some movie popcorn yesterday and Mexican for dinner and pumpkin pie late. OMG I felt like a bloated elephant when I woke up this morning. It did not stop there. Continue reading

It’s NOT an extra EXPENSE…rather a MEAL REPLACMENT!

I get this statment a lot…”wow Shakeology is too expensive for me.” Well I thought this too and then I did a break down on my grocery bills and here is how Shakeology actually saves me money EVERY month on food.

Hubby Pack lunch
Buy Fast lunch
Deli Turkey $1.16 This is when our grocery had it for 2 packs for $7, that’s on sale
Fruit $0.50
Bread $1.22 Whole grain bread @ $4.29 a loaf, he eats 2 sandwiches
Soda-always bought 2 for $2.00 $2.00
Yogurt $0.70 One
Condiments $0.25 mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, cheese etc.
Total $5.83 $6-7.00
Shakeology-$119 per bag on HD
$4.00 $4.00
Saves $1.83 $2-3.00
$1.83 x 20 (4 work weeks) $36.60
$2.00 x20 (fast food) $40.00
$3.00 x 20 ( fast food) $60.00
My savings monthly for lunch at home $25.00-rough
Total grocery savings for both $61.60
Total savings if fast food @$6 per day $76.60
Total savings if fast food @ $7 per day $86.60
So is Shakeology expensive?
Not so much anymore, when you break it down!

If you have a hard time reading his I apologize, I did it in excel as it was a lot easier to add together this way.

I have been getting this excuse/fear from a lot of people lately and I had figured out a couple months ago that my savings was about $56.72 and just went over to my local grocery and got new prices as groceries have gone up. Now we are saving over $60 a month and we have TWO Shakeology home directs. One for me and one for my hubby. Seriously! Groceries are getting ridiculous. Now this $4 is for the regular person that orders Shakeology at $119 a bag for 30 servings. Now I am a Beachbody preferred customer, which is very easy to become, so on home direct my shakes are only about $3 each so my monthly savings just went up as I am now on home direct as a preferred customer so with me and my hubby I get another $20 savings per month making our total savings:

$81.60 from packing hubby’s lunch

$96.60 from $6 fast food lunches

$106.60 from $7 fast food lunches

So now we are eating healthier, quitting the daily soda, and saving money. So it’s all a win win situation for us!


The meat and bread breakdown are for two sandwiches for the hubby. He was never satisfied with one. He eats a whole foot long when we go to subway. Even if he only ate one sandwich it is still a .35 cent savings per day. Added up to a week is $1.75 and for 4 weeks is a $7.00 savings. The benefit is far great then money, but we are saving! This is for the $4 shake so it is $27.00 savings if you are a preferred customer. Feel free to e-mail me and ask me how to become one at coachttawna@gmail.com

If you ever want to try a Shake, on me, I give samples away You just have to go to my website FitAfterBabies.com and visit the FREE shakeology tab and it will tell you how to send me your info! I waited a long time because I thought I could not afford it and now am kicking myself that I waited so long!

Have a great day!

If this is still not for you, that is OK, it’s not for everyone. Share it and let others decide if it’s right for them!



I lost 6 pounds in 3 days!

Whihoo! I lost 6 pounds in 3-days and I have to share because this is seriously making me too excited to keep quiet!

I have been on a good weight loss regimen for a while now but wanted something more to help boost me up and make me feel energized and pumped to keep going. I just did a 3-day cleanse and I rocked it! It has been a week now and I still am able to keep it off so yay me!

I wanted to post my YouTube about it so I could share it with all of you.

Here is the video.


I hope you enjoy it  and have a wonderful day!

My heart was just not into it…

As you have noticed I have not had a blog post in over a week. My heart was just not into it, as it has been somewhere else. It still is a bit, but I am slowly getting out of my rut.

Someone very dear to me passed away last week and it has hit me pretty hard. She was a big motivation for me to write and share my thoughts, and I guess, in a way, I felt kind of “guilty” for posting. Continue reading