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UntitledI have said it before and I will say it again…it is hard to eat 100% of your nutrition every day. Yes it can be done and few, very few actually do it. I try real hard to eat healthy and incorporate a healthy lifestyle to my kids but I still come up short of MOST my essential nutrients every day. So I take daily supplements. I don’t soley depend on supplements. That is something that some companies try to get you to think when they are pushing you to buy their product. Supplements work in “conjunction” with a healthy diet. If you strive for good/better health, then you have to do it all. You have to eat right, exercise a bit, and find your missing nutrition and fill it in with something healthy.

One more thing I want to mention is that the type of supplements matter as well. It is nice on the budget to walk in a store and find some compressed tablets on sale for buy one get one free or “cheap.” Trust me I have done that for years. But I noticed as well that I did not notice much of a difference when taking them. Then I did some research and talked to some Professionals. Guess what? Most tablets, like over 90%, are made with only about 15% product and 85% fillers. That is no joke. No wonder those pills can be sold for next to nothing and not wonder why I don’t feel a damn thing when I take them.

So then I found some encapsulated and liquid supplements. Did you know that the absorption rate of capsules compared to tablets is around 50-60% more absorption? That means if I spend twice as much on an encapsulated pill, comapred to the cheap tablet, I am actually getting more. I may have to take 3-4 times the does of a tablet and a few times a day compared to 1 capsule pill a day. So is it really cheaper to buy the cheap tablet, dare I say…”CRAP!”

Think aobut it…say you buy a tablet multi vitamin, that has 90 pills in it, that you may only get 0-35% absorption. (Yes it can be zero at times. It has been proven that your body can actually push through a tablet without it being disolved. It all depends on how your body feels that day and how fast it will pass through). then you buy an encapsulated multi vitamin, that has 90 pills in it, that you may get up to 80-90% absorption out of it. It would be nice to get 100% but you all know what happens with vitamins…your body uses what it needs and pees out the rest. Anyway, check out the difference in absorption rates. Do you want 0-35% or up to 80-90%? Which one do you think will make you feel better? Which one is worth your money? For me it is easy…the encapsulated, for some they still may not believe me, and that is fine, but I won’t buy from the tablet companies that sell me, well…fillers full of crap.

So I take daily encapsulated and liquid nutrition ALONG with a healthy diet, exercise and WATER! Here is a pic of some I take and I will list what I take with links for more information below the picture. The number after the name is what I take a day. It may be different then the recommended dose. It has been a long trial and error process to figure out. If I take more then 1 then I take them in the AM and PM, so breakfast and dinner. Oh and always take with food or you burp up the taste all day…yuck! Take with food and not so much!IMAG0756

Mutli vitamin: (1) Encapsulated and also includes cell salts.

Liquid Oxygen: (10 drops twice a day in water) Studies are showing there may be a link to liquid o2 and cancer cell growth being less, but that is still up for debate. I figure it doesn’t hurt so why not?

Women’s Peace: (4) FAVORITE, never found anything like this. Big mood changer for me without hormones! And again includes cell salts.

D Stressor: (2) This is the best and most concentrated for of the vitamin B’s I can find. It gives me energy, I love it. It is basically a super, super B complex and stress reliever. I feel it when I miss this for a few days. AND has cell salts.

Super Amino Acid: (2) This helps especially on the days I may not get as much protein that I need. Sometimes I don’t feel liek eating a big meat meal and this helps compensate. Not for 100% supplementation of animal proteins but it is a nice addition I take verey day. Cell salts again in these!

Calcium Complex: (4) Hardly anyone makes powdered encapsulated calcium because it is difficult to do and more expensive. Holy cow…I used to have leg aches nightly. Since the encapsulated calcium I don’t have them at all. It rocks! Cell salts again here!

Prostate Plus  (4) (hubs of course): Hubs claims that he pees less with these and I am inclined to believe him becausse how would I know if he is fibbing me…lol. Anyway, he loves them and does not like to be without them. Cell salts in these too. Hubs takes everything I do except the womens peace.

Mertab ALL (4) (sometimes): Only heare and there. Not a huge fan of weight loss supplements but sometimes I dabble but this one is ephedra free and has other nutrients in it too so I dabble, but not daily…really about 1-2 months a year or so. Cell salts included in this one too!

Chytozyme (2) (sometimes) same as Metab all above

Nuetracarb (2) (sometimes) Same as metab all above

So there you go…my daily supplements. Sounds like a lot, and it may be, but along with my diet and exercise I would not change a thing!

Have a great day!


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