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Too much Television & it shows!

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In the morning my kids like to watch TV and to be honest I let them do that quite a bit. It is really only from about 9-11am but today  my son woke up at 8:00 and as soon as … Continue reading

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My son’s favorite show….ARGH!!! Why ME?!!

I LUV Sharing!

My son was asking for me to put on a show, in the only way a 23 month old knows how. “Mommy show, woof woof.” I figured this meant a dog show. I got onto Netflix and scrolled through the … Continue reading

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Do People really watch Survivor BEFORE they go on it?

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Image from http://www.marineteam.net/ So my question is…..Do the contestants really watch Survivor before they go on it? This may seem like a dumb question but I have quit watching this show for one very specific reason and it has to … Continue reading

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