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ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

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I am very excited as I have had the opportunity to Review this product from Toilet Tree. It is the Professional Skin Care System. They are also giving one away to one of my readers! Want to know about it…good … Continue reading

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Hump Day Coupon Share

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TON’S AND TON’S coupons again this week. Scroll all the way down to see them all! The Holiday season brings the deals out like crazy! They expire between the END of November 2013 clear through March 2014! Leave me a … Continue reading

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Oh Ya, it’s working!!!

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So if you missed my post last week about my new way of looking at weight loss around the holidays then you missed it and can read it here! Oh ya…it is working like a charm! This past weekend I … Continue reading

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So tired of Dr. Oz and Hollywood selling us stuff!

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Remember when Dr. Oz first started his show; he would not promote any third party product. I heard him many times say he did not believe in promoting health products for companies. Now over the past year, it least, maybe … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving CASH Giveaway!

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Are you ready for a totally awesome giveaway? I’ve teamed up with a fun group of bloggers for the Totally Awesome Thanksgiving Giveaway and we’re giving away a fun Thanksgiving prize — a $300 Amazon gift card or $300 cash … Continue reading

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Pay it Forward Friday…Becoming A Leaf Fairy!

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The leaves are changing beautifully right now and the kids are loving them! What is not fun for everyone is raking! We did have a leaf blower but had to give it back to the in-laws so now it is … Continue reading

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Hump Day Coupon share

I LUV Sharing!

This week we have another large load of coupons to share. Some expire soon and others do not expire until February 2014! Hope someone can use some of these!! Enjoy! Sweeps at the bottom!

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My little boy is so old today:(

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Wow…where does the time go. My little Monkey is only 4-years old but today you would have thought he was a teenager. He always wants me to help him go to the bathroom, get dressed, give him a bath, and … Continue reading

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Listening to that voice in my head paid off

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I have a big struggle with that little voice you hear in your head and feel in your gut. You know the one that tells you to do things and when you ignore it you usually regret it? Well I … Continue reading

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Paying it Forward DOES Pay Off!

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Last Friday’s Pay-it-Forward Friday paid off within 48 hours! I am NOT kidding. If you did not read last Friday’s Post then you can do so here. On Sunday I got some good Karma and I KNOW it was because … Continue reading

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